EU cookie law and online privacy

eu cookie law

On the 26th May 2012 a new law came into effect: the EU cookie law.

The EU cookie law, just a few days before it's 26th may deadline, used to require (in very broad terms) websites to obtain explicit consent before leaving behind cookies on user's computers.

48 hours before the deadline for implementing the new rules however, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) modified the law. Now, websites can assume that users have consented to their use of cookies.

eu cookie law

The use of "implied consent" shifts responsibility to the user rather than the website operator.

Eu cookie law or not, this whole debate has certainly made people more aware of the fact that many websites and online services track how we use the Internet.

While we appreciate that many websites require cookies to function (e.g. e-Commerce websites), we believe that it is not acceptable that certain other websites 'spy' on people's online activity so that they are served with 'personalised' advertisement and search engine results.

This is why at dotComXL we welcome the new updated EU cookie law and in an effort to further protect the online privacy of our clients and website visitors we have done our very best to reduce to the bare minimum the number of cookies that this website uses.

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