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Article order in sub categories

This is more of a quick tip rather than a tutorial.

For who is this useful?

If you have organised your content into subcategories and need to display your articles in order of creation date, most recent first, no matter what categoty it belongs to.

With all the options and configuration pages that are in Joomla, it is easy to get lost.

If you have a category structure that looks something like this:

 category screen

The most logical thing to do would be to go into the menu item linked to the main category (in the screenshot, that would be the Blog category) and set the 'Article Order' to 'Most Recent First' and 'Date of Ordering' to 'Created'.

setting article order

This would be correct, however after saving, you might realise that your articles are still not being displayed in the order you specified. Why?

The reason is because there is another setting that needs to be modified.

Because the MAIN category (Blog in this case) contains many other categories, Joomla also needs to know if you want to apply the article order that you have set above, on a category by category bases (i.e. by displaying all articles within one category first, before displaying the articles of the next category) or if you want to completely ignore the category of origin of each aticle and just display all articles under the MAIN category.

In this case, we want to change the 'Category Order' setting to 'No Order':

setting category order

Now you can save our settings and it's all done!


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