Training courses


Basic and Advanced

We provide a series of 'hands on' courses ideal for anybody wishing to learn to learn web development or graphics design skills quickly and easily.

All courses are flexible and can be designed to suit you. You can chose what you want to learn.

Taught by our lead developer and lead designer, these courses focus on the essential skills required to be able to succesfully design, develop and manage a website.

No books! Hands on sessions to teach professional techniques fast!

website design,website development, graphics design and website maintenance training

Currently we offer the following courses:

Webite Design and Development:

This course is aimed at teaching skills to design and develope a website from concept to code.

  • Photoshop Design: tips and techniques to design a great looking website in photoshop.
  • Code: learn how to code a photoshop design into html documents
  • Website features: deciding the type of functionality and features to integrate into a website, including usability and optimisation
  • Website deployment: putting everything together and publishing the website

Website Maintenance:

Wether you own a 'static' html website a 'dynamic' one or a CMS (Content Management System) but you would like to learn how to update it by yourself so you don't have to hire a developer to do it for you, we can teach you everything you need to know.

  • understanding the code and structure of your website
  • basic html editing skills
  • website backups
  • updating and maintaining your website

Graphics Design:

this course is intended for anybody wishing to learn professional graphics design skills or for website owners who would like to learn how to design their own website graphics (e.g. banners, calls to action).

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.

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