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website designer wolverhampton. Promote your business effectively

Promote your business effectively!

These days, having an online presence is essential for any ambitious business owner.

website designer wolverhampton


However, with the amount of competition that is out there it is difficult to stand out. Here is where dotComXL can help!

Whether you need a 'static' HTML website or a more advanced solution such as a CMS(Content Management System) or a shopping cart system we can help you.

We understand completely that a business owner has two hands only and can be only in one place at a given time. This is why we specialise in developing solutions that make the tasks of updating and maintaining a website more intuitive, automated and easy.

We also understand that especially now with the recession, companies have a limited budget and are looking for better value. Our prices are very competitive and start from £400 for a static HTML website and from £700 for a CMS driven website.

Our developmet process is based around two principles:

  1. Your website should market your business effectively: There is much more to a website than just having an online presence using a few pages and images. How user friendly is your website? Can people use it effortlessly or do people find it frustrating and difficult to find information. Is it inviting and engaging or do you have to 'force' people to go past the home page? How search engine friendly is it?
  2. Your website should make your life easier: A website should have functionality and automation to make your life easier. From basic features (such as a contact us form) to advance functionality (such as a shopping cart system), a website should do the hard work for you and it should be easy for you to use it and update it without any technical knowledge.

In general what ever you need your website to do and however you want your website to look, we can deliver.

A basic training session (to teach you how to use your new website) is included in all our website development packages. This is highly beneficial to customers who don't want to hire a web developer every time they need to update a page of their website. If on the other hand you are looking to master your website, we offer more advanced training courses

We do however offer website maintainance services for customers who are too busy with the day to day running of their business and don't have time to work on the website too.

After viewing our portfolio and our testimonials, please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you, for a free quotation or even if you just need some advice.

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